Injury Prevention Programme

It is becoming more noticeable in schools and sports clubs that the number of injuries sustained by young people is on the increase.

Although injuries in sport are not entirely unavoidable it has been shown that there are certain steps an individual can take to help reduce the risk of them occurring.

The aim of the Injury Prevention Programme (IPP) is to highlight areas in which young people can be better prepared in order to reduce their risk of injury in sport and to ensure that parents, pupils, teachers and coaching staff are in the best position to assist with this. In particular it focuses on key elements, such as the importance of effective warm up & cool down, flexibility, hydration, nutrition, strength and conditioning.

The overall goal is to reduce the risk of injury in young people and generally enhance their sporting performance.

Chris' PE background and physiotherapy expertise combined with many years both in professional sport and looking after young athletes, makes Chris ideally placed to advise schools and sports clubs on injury prevention in young athletes.

He has successfully taken the Injury Prevention Programme into secondary schools and sports clubs.

Chris is undoubtedly the best Physio I have ever dealt with. I couldn’t speak more highly of him during my time as a professional rugby player at London Irish. His knowledge and the way he dealt with things was second to none. He was a man you would respect, trust and had strong leadership qualities. I would have no reservations whatsoever in recommending Chris and his team. 

Liam Mooney, former rugby player London Irish RFC